Vendredi - 10h35 - 11h10
Stereolux – Maxi


Alicia Shao

Senior Service Designer @The LEGO Group

Design & Produit - Conférence

Unlocking the power of future : designing for the unknown

Conférence en Anglais

The future is a collective political space that impacts every aspect of our lives. To design for better futures, we must be accustomed to thinking, learning, and playing in the futures. But what is the future, and how should we design for it? In my research, I propose the future is at the intersection of speculative design, storytelling, and system thinking. Each discipline offers a unique perspective on the future, and unveils an underlying philosophy of how to design for it.
You will learn :
– How speculative design shows that the future is non-anthropocentric
– How system thinking shows us that the future can be anticipated and moulded
– How the most important thing designers need to design for the future, is empathy