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Rôle et impacts des Engineering Managers dans les organisations produit

Dimitri Baeli


Member of the tech staff @Back Market / Tech.Rocks

20+ years IT Leadership. Staff engineer at Back Market setting up and running IT Teams based on Lean Agile principles. Launching Back Market Pro to help companies reducing their carbon footprint and change the way they buy electronic devices.

Co-Founder of FlowCon ( — yearly international conférence in Paris on Lean, Kanban, Agile team practices to work on a continuous flow).
Co-Founder of Tech.Rocks (CTO Network and Yearly conférence in Paris) —
Co-Founder of Agile Tour Rouen (an Agile conference) now part of Codeurs en seine —

Skills: CTO, Agile, Lean, Java, Development, UI, UX, Software Factory