Thursday - 3:05pm - 3:45pm
Stereolux - Maxi


Fanny Parise

Anthropologist @Magical Thinking

Society - Conference

"Capitalism basterds": an anthropology of responsible capitalism and a world under constraints

Conference in French

Between tensions and paradoxes, I propose to dive into the heart of a critical anthropology of responsible capitalism.

By highlighting the constraints imposed by this system, we will question the power dynamics and socio-economic structures that perpetuate inequalities and environmental imbalances.

To begin this reflection, let us ask a seemingly simple question, but one that raises complex issues: What would a world without marketing look like? Are we already able to imagine it?

This conference aims to stimulate debate and reflection, by proposing an exploration, sometimes a little provocative, of possible alternatives for a more equitable and sustainable future.

To explore the subject further: _The Myth of Responsible Consumption - Towards a New Golden Age of the Hyper-consumerist Society_ and _The Spoiled Children - Anthropology of the Myth of Responsible Capitalism_ .