The divinatory tarot at the heart of the 13th edition

Just as innovation implies the exploration of new ideas, the multiple symbols of the tarot have inspired us a lot.
We don't pretend to predict the future and that's good because everything is played in the present, here and now.
No fatalism, let's rather imagine life as a game, in which we have all the cards in our hands to shape, together, the future we want. There is still time to redistribute the cards for a fairer world.

To bring our ideas to life, we designed our own oracle.

The cycles

Digital technology at the service of our lives. What new technologies are at the service of our health, our education, our habitat? What are the latest trends and promises? Startups from Space Tech, AI, Deep Tech, FinTech or AgriTech will come and exhibit their solutions.

The Alchemist

Entrepreneurs, makers, visionaries, they shape and transform the world. Come and be inspired and enriched by their experiences.

The Unit

Inventing new narratives, imagining together another model of society. Economists, artists, philosophers and entrepreneurs will come to nourish all these reflections around work, health, media, politics. What collective vision for the world of tomorrow?

The Chimera

Code and no code, high tech and low tech, performance and sobriety, ethics and business... What if the key lay in the hybridization of our know-how and techniques? The programming will give pride of place to business expertise.

Les Allumées

This card, a direct reference to the festival organized in the 90's in Nantes, symbol of the cultural revival of the city, represents the audacity, the grain of madness, the side step present in our DNA that we claim.


Our secret ingredient is the love we put into organizing this festival. The passion that inhabits all our speakers, the infinite possibilities of meetings and the promise of an unforgettable experience.


L'adelphe stands for equality and acceptance of difference. Innovation by and for everyone. How can we make sense of engaging and preserving well-being in companies?

The Nature

In the era of the Anthropocene, what solutions can new technologies bring? What is the role and impact of companies in a world undergoing environmental and societal changes?