What is Web2day?

" Dear friends

A little over 10 years ago we launched Web2day. Today, this small festival has become big. We still talk about web and business practices, but also and especially about innovations and society.

Our ambition: to offer you a festival that is both pragmatic and inspirational.
Our promise: to make you live 3 breathtaking days, full of knowledge, encounters and joy.

We are for companies looking to unite and train their employees, for professionals on the lookout for best practices, the latest trends and good contacts. And we address all individuals who question, want to take a step back and are not afraid to be pushed around.
At Web2day, we don't pretend to predict the future, but we believe that we all have the cards in our hands to shape it. Come and play with us on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd 2023. Welcome on board !

- Magali Olivier -
Program Director

Themes of the conferences

This year, the festival's program is structured around: 4 business expertises to train you, and 4 themes to approach new technologies through the prism of major societal issues.

Tech & Nocode

In addition to the REX and case studies dedicated to developers, we open programming to Nocode. We call them "makers", they create websites, applications, internal tools, without writing a line of code, and reinforce development skills thanks to visual programming.

Marketing & Communication

Discover the new trends and learn the best practices thanks to experts from France and Europe, who will share their know-how.


Entrepreneurs come and tell us about their journey, their failures and their successes. The objective is to inspire and give keys to start or continue an entrepreneurial adventure. We also question the meaning and responsibility of entrepreneurship, by showing other models of success.


The media industry is constantly evolving. Digital and its new uses are pushing them to reinvent themselves, to adapt to new uses and ways of consuming. Discover the latest trends and evolutions of these sectors.


Whether in our personal or professional lives, our daily lives are marked by major social issues. We propose to take a step back and explore these major issues, their impacts and stakes with a fresh look.


Health is a major societal issue. We will approach it through two prisms: How the new technologies are used to serve it and, on the contrary, what are the impacts of our hyper-connected lives? We will give the floor to experts who work on the subject, entrepreneurs but also doctors, gynecologists, psychologists.

Future of work

Digital technology is changing the way we work and recruit, and making us rethink the very model of the company: nomadism, employer brand, management, HR... Discover case studies, testimonies of experiments and prospective sharing on the world of tomorrow.

Design & Product

We focus on creative cultures: we explore, we experiment, we confront the multiple uses of new technologies. They are designers, makers, product owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and they share their experiences with us by presenting a work, a project or a product.

High-flying speakers

Web2day is known for the quality of its pragmatic and inspirational programming. We like to bridge the gap between best practices workshops and conferences where we take a look at the issues of our time.

We cross the worlds of new technologies with those of human sciences, art and medicine. We like to take risks and surprise. In twelve editions, we have seen many personalities of the French Tech ecosystem: Nicolas Sabatier (Time for the Planet), Aurélie Martel (Marmiton), Roxanne Varza (Station F), Marie Ekeland (2050), Jean-Charles Samuelian (Alan) or Frédéric Mazzella (Blablacar). But we also had the joy of welcoming speakers from many different backgrounds such as Jean Blaise (inventor of the Nuits Blanches), André Manoukian, Olympe de G (performer), Mickael Landreau (footballer) and Axelle Lemaire (La croix rouge). Our stage has also become the favorite playground of recurrent speakers such as the inenarable Olivier Ezratty and his sidekick Fanny Bouton.









Exceptional locations in the heart of the Quartier de la Création

Because beyond the conferences, Web2day is part of a history of which the city is part. The event's DNA is in line with that of Nantes and the Quartier de la Création, the cradle of Nantes' creative and cultural industries.

Here, we dare. Between the industrial past and the creative future, Web2day chooses not to choose and to be inspired by (and respect) its environment.

An event organized by La Cantine

Since 2008, the association La Cantine has been working to federate the digital ecosystem of Nantes. Its mission is to accompany transitions (ecological, societal, ethical), and to offer a framework for each and every one to blossom and innovate, for the better. The association wishes to bring together those who are shaking up the "old world" models of success in order to sharpen new ones, centered in particular around impact.

To do this, the association supports entrepreneurs, brings together talent, and opens up the tech ecosystem to the region's ETIs and SMEs. In practice, it relies on its network of 300 members, on its flagship building, Hall 6, representing 2,500m2 of coworking and entertainment space, and on the hundred or so events organized each year, including Web2day.






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The festival in pictures

To give you a foretaste of the exceptional experience awaiting you, here are a few images ????