Thursday - 5:05pm - 5:50pm


Kévin Dunglas


Tech & Nocode - Conference

Developing a decentralized web application without blockchain

Conference in French

Web standards, and in particular those of the latest generation (RDF, JSON-LD, N3, OpenID Connect) offer a framework for realizing such apps.

It is on this technical basis that two new protocols that could revolutionize the web are established: Solid and ActivityPub.

The Solid project, for Social Linked Data, developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee - the creator of the Web himself - gives users back control of their data. It allows them to store their data wherever they want, and to choose precisely which application can access what.

ActivityPub is a protocol that allows to create decentralized and federated social networks. It is the protocol used by Mastodon, PeerTube or Mobilizon, whose instances are grouped together in the network called Fediverse.

Even better, no need for smart contracts or even blockchain to create decentralized web applications using these technologies, a good old PHP script and a Raspberry Pi are enough. That said, using Symfony and API Platform can make the task much easier, that's what we will discover together!