Wednesday - 10:45am - 11:15am


Helvira Goma

Software Engineer @Onepilot

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Happy accident : The reconversion or when the dev imposes itself to you!

Conference in French

Four years ago, I didn't know what coding was or even that it could be a profession. It was curiosity that first attracted me to it and then passion that made me want to become a developer.
And this conversion was not a long quiet river. On the contrary!
It was more like swimming in troubled waters, between the imposter syndrome, the vision of those around me on the chances of success and the discovery of an unknown world with its codes, its rules and its stakes.
Not to mention the financial pressure inherent in a professional transition.
This talk is an opportunity to look back on this transition without a net; to explore the victories and failures as well as the reflections that marked it out. A conversation that will allow you to better understand these career paths.
Here, let's find out what it takes to make a successful transition in order to better integrate these profiles into our teams. Let's try to understand how they differ from so-called classic career paths.
How can we make the most of them?
Let's travel together in the head of a reconverted developer!