Thursday - 10:00 am - 10:40 am
Stereolux - Maxi


Charlie Perreau

Head of the Start-up department @Les Echos

Clémentine Lemaire

Independent feminist coach and consultant @Les fameuses & freelance

Entrepreneurship - Interview

I interviewed 66 women founders: here's what I learned from them

Conference in French

After having interviewed nearly 60 women founders of startups for over a year, Charlie Perreau, head of the Startups department at Les Echos, will review her meetings and exchanges.

What is the reality of women entrepreneurs after nearly 20 years of the emergence of the startup ecosystem? Have the inequalities observed in the past changed? Are there markets that women founders prefer?

This overview of women entrepreneurship will allow us to pause on a subject that has been on the rise for years, to set the clock back to 2023.