Friday - 2:00 - 4:00 pm


Margaux Levisalles

Director of Development and Partnerships @Latitudes

Tech & Nocode - Workshop

The Battle of Tech, what if we reshuffle the cards?

Conference in French

Join us for a 2-hour workshop, based around a fun, collaborative card game, to discover the social and environmental challenges of digital technology, and the levers for taking action!

**It aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental challenges of digital technology, with a 3-pronged approach:**
1\. Discovering projects that use technology to solve social and environmental challenges
2\. Understand the current challenges facing tech in terms of diversity, accessibility, sobriety, citizenship and respect for human rights.
3\. Imagine concrete actions to promote a responsible and committed digital world.
**It defends a more...**
...sober: controlling its environmental impact, imagining technology that is more respectful of living beings and more energy-efficient
...accessible: combating the digital divide and making technology accessible to everyone, whatever their age, social class or disability.
...respectful of human beings: taking our responsibilities as application designers seriously, so as not to play on human vulnerabilities to technology
...diverse: work towards greater diversity among the designers of our technologies, so that together we can build products that reflect the population as a whole.
...civic-minded: working together to build open technologies that protect the privacy and digital freedoms of every individual
...committed: to use digital technology as a lever of solidarity and a multiplier of impact, in the service of the general interest and of social and environmental causes!