Wednesday - 15h45 - 16h15
Stereolux - Micro


Sébastien L'HOSTE

UX & product Designer @superpositive

Design & Product - Conference

Cognitive dissonance as a design tool.

Conference in French

Today in design, we advocate a simple, comfortable, obvious experience.
Because it helps sell.

The result:
- smooth products
- all alike
- without soul

Yet an experience is not comfortable, obvious or simple.
Think of the first time you said "I love you", that skydiving jump or the birth of your first child. These are life-changing experiences.

Today's UX design advocates "less is more" and the erasure of frustrations.
But what if, on the contrary, complexity and ambiguity were to generate strong, memorable, out-of-the ordinary experiences?

Through an example in architecture (Rem Koolhaas' Lemoine villa) I will show that through cognitive dissonance, paradox, ambiguity, frustration, we obtain particularly strong and memorable experiences. I will explain the processes by which these experiences are achieved and I will give examples of how these processes are used in different experiences, physical and digital.