Wednesday - 4:50pm - 5:50pm
Halle 6 - Ouest


Méghane Barriol-Blondet

Psychologist Psychotherapist

Aurélie Mezbourian Fliedel

CMO @Alan

Éloïse Denis-Péchard

Digital Project Manager @Atlanpole

Chloë Bidet

Founder and CEO @Oséos

Health - Round Table

Tech for mental health

Conference in French

If there is one positive thing to come out of the post-Covid years, it is the growing awareness of the importance of the mental health of citizens.

In addition to being a major public health issue, it is a legal obligation for companies, which are responsible for the mental health of their employees via the labour code.

Startups, public services, care professions: many have taken up the subject to offer dedicated services based on technology: relaxation, support for post-traumatic stress, emergency medical consultations on video, virtual reality or applications to combat stress in the workplace, there is no shortage of tools.

The cross-examination of Méghane Barriol-Blondet, cyberpsychologist, Aurélie Fliedel, CMO at Alan - and her 3rd barometer of mental health of employees, and Chloë Bidet, founder of Oséos - a human and innovative accompaniment thanks to virtual reality, will allow us to take stock of these initiatives which take the subject of mental health in hand