Thursday - 4:15pm - 5:05pm
Halle 6 - Ouest


Marine-Petroline Soichot

Podcaster - Speaker @Les Chroniques du Sexisme Ordinaire

Society - Conference

The Chronicles of Ordinary Sexism

Conference in French

Today, a woman can vote, have a career, choose to be a mother. Equality is on paper, but not in reality.
Clothing, transportation, urban planning, medicine, grammar ... everywhere sexism intrudes, banal and ordinary. It inevitably infuses in us.
As a result, we are all sexist.

It is hard to admit. We don't believe it, we are angry or in a state of collapse. It is normal. It's a mourning process. The mourning of the society that we thought was egalitarian.
How to get out of denial, anger or depression, and really fight sexism?

In this conference-show, Marine-Pétroline teaches you how to flush out ordinary sexism and neutralize it.
Pedagogy, humor and zero guilt: we move forward together for more equality.