Friday - 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Stereolux - Micro


Daniel Roch


Design & Product - Conference

Colorblind people, the forgotten ones of the UX

Conference in French

This dress, do you see it blue or white? This photo which made the buzz at the time shows that our brain can easily deceive us.

But the problem we don't think about is color blindness, those people who confuse or can't distinguish certain colors. Yet, they represent 4 to 5% of the population, and therefore 4 to 5% of your prospects, customers and users. And for them, it's much worse: they mix red and green, they don't distinguish color variations, or worse, they hardly see any of them.

What is it like to be colorblind? How do they experience it in their daily lives? And why is it sometimes blocking or frustrating in our use of the web and the digital world at large?

In this conference, not only will I show you what a colorblind person sees and why, but I will also give you real tips and case studies to improve your interfaces, your sites and your applications. The goal: to include them in the UX of your work.