Wednesday - 11:45am - 12:25pm


Christophe Breheret-Girardin

Coach Craft @Octo Technology

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Onboarding: don't spend five years recruiting a five-legged sheep, create one now

Conference in French

- Whether you are an intern, a student on a work-study program, or a young employee in a company, nothing has changed in 20 years to better prepare the actors of tomorrow.
- Whether you are experienced or not, the fear of having to find your place again slows down the process of changing companies, especially without effective onboarding.

Together, we will share with you different journeys, which have points in common, but also differences.

We will give you ideas for improvement, and even integration processes, to welcome and help new recruits grow. In order to create a strong company culture, a real sense of belonging and to create the pillars of tomorrow, come and take the ideas that will change everything!

Christophe is an experienced craft coach at Octo, Amélie is a noob developer at theTribe, and together they decided to share their different experiences, with their different points of view, to show that no matter the disparity in their technical levels, and in their experiences, we can achieve great things, together