Wednesday - 10:00 am - 10:40 am


Coline Didier

Co-founder @Social Declik

Audrey Ceyrat

Director of digital projects with impact @Phileacme

Kanya Mao

Motion designer and illustrator @Hikari studio

Entrepreneurship - Conference

Why the Freelance for Good movement is growing

Conference in French

Did you know that we spend more than 80,000 hours of our lives working?
Well, maybe the subway-work-sleep and all that it implies is over for you! You've decided to say goodbye to stress, long hours, feeling useless or working to fulfill someone else's dream? Then you might just become a Freelancer For Good!
But what is this Freelance For Good movement? Created by Social Declik, two and a half years ago, it is the movement of freelancers who commit their professional life to work with actors who respond to social and environmental issues. And why is this movement growing? On the one hand, more and more people are looking for meaning and impact. On the other hand, the status of freelancer is becoming more and more attractive for its flexibility, freedom and own time management. For this conference, Coline, from Social Declik, will first talk about the big resignation, the big challenge of tomorrow but also about the trends of freelancing, its good and not so good sides.
Then, there will be a mini round table with 2 Freelance For Good Nantaises. Kanya and Audrey will tell us about their freelance approach, their transition and their convictions.