Wednesday - 10:00 am - 10:30 am


Benoît Guillon

VP Engineering @Malt

Dimitri Baeli

Member of the tech staff @Back Market / Tech.Rocks

Tech & Nocode - Conference

Role and impact of Engineering Managers in product organizations

Conference in French

After 5-10 years of coding, developers are faced with THE big question: should they really become a manager?
This question can resonate with an existential crisis. Is it possible to code your whole career? What to do until you retire at 127? Many organizations are implementing a Dual Ladder career path. One path is called "Individual Contributor" and allows you to grow as a developer. The other is the "Engineering Management" path allowing to grow as a Manager (Engineering manager, Head of Engineering, VP, ...). We will come back to these different roles according to the seniority and the different associated challenges in a context of strong growth
(or not) and will detail the skills to develop to have an impact as a manager or contributor and to grow and make grow.