Friday - 10:05am - 10:50am


Jérémie Pottier

Co-founder @DoYouBuzz

Émilie Abel

Co-Founder @Imagination Machine

Anaïg Nouvel

General Manager @Immodvisor

Future of work - Round table

4-day week: tips and tricks to prepare it well

Conference in French

After Bizay's feedback on the 4-day week and the concrete results they observed after their experimentation, let's move on to the upstream phase: the preparation!

Pace and schedules, customer relations, labor laws, property management, tools, monitoring indicators... companies interested in the 4-day week often face a multitude of issues, without knowing where to start.

But don't panic: 2 companies are here to answer all your questions! DoYouBuzz, which has been running a 4-day week for 2 years, and Immodvisor, which has just come out of a year of preparation to try the adventure, will tell you all about this so discussed format.