Solidarity initiatives at Web2day!

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You can take action to help make the world a better place during Web2day.
Here are 3 solidarity initiatives to support during the event, and afterwards!

A Rocket for Lùna ????

But who is Lùna? 

A charming little 7-year-old girl, she suffers from a genetic syndrome unknown to this day. This syndrome results in an overall delay in mental and psychomotor development, leading to chronic health problems. But despite it all, Lùna is full of life and laughter. She's eager to move forward, to learn, and needs your help to continue on her path!

The association Une Fusée pour Lùna

It's an association created in 2016 by Séverine Pécot and Guillaume Durand, Lùna's parents, and their friends. It aims to finance material, technical, human and therapeutic aids for the well-being and support of Lùna Pécot-Durand.

In addition, it proposes to establish a dialogue with the institutional players concerned, to provide information on rare genetic diseases, disability in general and childhood epilepsy. Une Fusée pour Lùna also hopes to gather testimonials and find alternatives to the institutional policy currently in place. 

♥️ How can we support them?

By drinking delicious glasses of Une Fusée pour Lùna apple juice, sold for €2.50 at the village bar, you are supporting this association. The juice is pressed using sustainable farming methods.

Discover the association

Kignon, distribution of organic and "Handi-gaspi" cookies

Kignon cookies are organic, local and "Handi-Gaspi": made by people with disabilities, from reclaimed organic bread leftovers.

Why are these cookies so authentic?

The charm of this cookie factory comes from a team of 100% women who work for several causes:

These 3 food industry engineers are aware of the industry's food waste and want to act fast against this scourge.

➤ Today, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice as high as the national average. This is why the company offers to help these people integrate into the workplace.

♥️ How can we support them?

During these 3 days, the cookie factory will have a stand near the bar and will be distributing its delicious, multi-flavored cookies! In addition to its tasty qualities, Kignon is also distinguished by its healthy, natural ingredients, made with love. ????.

More about Kignon

A solidarity fundraiser powered by 2 initiatives!

With the aim of combating precariousness in a social context marked by widening inequalities and the invisibilization of people, particularly women, Web2day supports L'Autre Cantine and Etmadouche in their collection of hygiene products.

What can be collected?

Hygiene products in general, and feminine protection products in particular:

s hower gel, soap, shampoo, intimate soap

➤ sanitary towels, panty liners

cosmetics, deodorant

toothpaste, toothbrush

cotton buds, auriculi

hairbrush, comb

packets of tissue, cotton squares, earplugs

➤ saline solution, moisturizing cream, cleansing lotion


For reasons of hygiene, we will not collect liquid products that have already been opened.
We will not collect clothing or food.

♥️ How can we support them?

A collection bin will be waiting for you at the Attendee reception desk! Thank you for your gesture, which will help those who need it most. ????