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Content creation, a flourishing economy: but who really benefits?

Angel Michaël Ahyi


Africa Project Manager - EuroQuity | Founder @Bpifrance | Passion & Creator

Passionate about tech and VC, Ange previously worked for 4 years in various financial positions in various companies (TaxAssistant Accountants, Sotheby's, Dentsu Inc. ...) in France and England, then joined in 2021 the EuroQuity team of Bpifrance, as Africa Project Manager, to help connect entrepreneurs of the African tech ecosystem with investors, companies and support structures in the context of fundraising or B2B partnerships.

Having taken a passion for the world of entertainment since college, and an interest in content creation during his career pivot to the tech world in 2019, Ange made his debut as a content creator in 2019, covering the tech and VC ecosystem with his newsletter Pause Curation, and then decided to bring two of those interests together, tech and entertainment, by exploring the Creator Economy ecosystem via his newsletter Passion & Creator.

Ange holds an MS in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from ESCP Europe, a Master's degree in Audit & Controlling from MBA ESG Paris, and a Bachelor's degree in Management from Université Paris X Nanterre.