Camil Massion


Sales manager for the Loire region @Zeplug

Camil Massion is most often portrayed as a sane, intelligent and morally upright man. He is a billionaire and owns businesses under the generic name of Massion Enterprises. After the death of his parents, he seeks to develop his abilities to fight crime.

When he returns to Nantes, he finds his true identity and Camil Massion becomes an image, that of a billionaire playboy running his business and having a social life similar to that of members of his social class, although it is more limited because of his nights spent under the mask of a vigilante.

Camil is also known for his involvement in charitable works and his attitude towards the development of an ecological economy. He also created the Massion Foundation, an association that helps victims. His concern for improving the lives of his fellow citizens even led him to become mayor of Nantes and later senator.