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-⚠️ Can we change the world without changing our jobs?

Félix de Monts


Co-founder @Vendredi

Passionate about the general interest since his youth, Félix decided to study at SciencesPo.

Unattracted by the traditional business world, his experiences in the public service challenged his initial vocation. Then, thanks to Ticket For Change, he discovered social entrepreneurship during his last year of studies.

It was then naturally that he decided to take the path of entrepreneurship that prioritizes impact without ever losing sight of an autonomous model. Felix launched Vendredi in 2015: a start-up whose ambition is to allow employees to change the world without changing their jobs.

Today, it is a partner in the social and environmental transition of 300 companies, has enabled 30,000 employees to take action on their own scale (giving meaning, mentoring, skills assignments in associations, fundraising, awareness-raising) and has more than 2,000 beneficiary associations.

Félix is also involved in citizen projects such as Latitude, an organization committed to a more responsible tech.