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The apprenticeship approach and encouraging mistakes: an emancipating corporate culture!

Isabelle Lopez


Founder and CEO @MySmartJourney

Isabelle Lopez is founder and CEO of MySmartJourney.

After studying management, communication and marketing, she founded MA14 in 2008. This web studio built around her expertise in UX strategy, conversational marketing and ethnographic research has served clients such as the CHU de Québec, Radio-Canada, SouthShore and Savoura.

In 2018, Isabelle envisioned a web tool that reinvents the delivery of information and the creation of interactive multimedia experiences in public places. To launch and grow MySmartJourney, she relied on the strength of her network and the principles of bootstrapping, lean start-ups that are similar to her.

Isabelle is passionate about the web and how it shapes societies. She is a graduate of the Internet Society's Next Leader Generation program (ISOC). She is known for doing things differently when traditional approaches fail.

Isabelle is also a warm and inspiring speaker, invited to tech events such as Web2Day in France or Web à Québec.

Isabelle has two children who play with her technology.

She had the opportunity to speak at Web2day in the past.
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