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Artificial intelligence: legal no man's land or intellectual property lever?

Jean-Marie COUGARD


Industrial Property Attorney @Cabinet RVDB

Jean-Marie Cougard is an Intellectual Property Attorney specialized in the protection and defense of innovation in the fields of IT, software and ICT. After starting his career as a quality engineer in a cell phone industry group, he trained in intellectual property in 2006 and then joined a major IP firm in London. In 2008, he joined one of the leading French IP firms where he uses his skills in the acquisition, defense and valuation of intellectual property, in France and abroad. In particular, he defends his clients in telecom litigation. In 2022, he joined RVDB as a partner to manage the Nantes office. Passionate about new technologies, Jean-Marie assists and defends innovation players, both start-ups and SMEs as well as industrial groups. He has developed an expertise in the fields of computer-implemented inventions and user interfaces.