Thursday - 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Event Based Marketing: Triple your revenue by reducing your advertising budget by 20% in Q4

M'Hamed Larbi


Co-founder - Hand of Growth @Aegis Agency

Self-taught entrepreneur and slasher.
Former nurse, Laureate of the Frenchtech Diversity in 2017.
No-Code pioneer I undertake to found Remplasoignant a matchmaking platform for solo-preneur nurses.

I develop my business and marketing skills as a Growth Hacker.

After a stint at The Hacking project I discovered that I would make a very bad dev, and signed up for the Track Data Analyst Openclassroom.

Speaker @Koudetat I teach the E-commerce bootcamp, Head of growth at Nomasei we start from 0€/month to 200K€/month thanks to a mastery of the Data, of the customer journey.

I decided to become a singularity by specializing in Event Based Marketing, a discipline that I summarize as sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person on the right channel and became a power user of the CDP / ETL Segment.

Last year, in the middle of Q4, we were short of cash flow, so I decided to cut our advertising budgets by 20%, while everyone else was multiplying them by five and achieving x3 sales.

My secret is to have elegantly redesigned the RFM scoring in a dynamic way and set up a system that allows to send up to 108 ultra-segmented transactional email campaigns per day.

Our end-game is to put warehouses in business and allow companies to fight with the same weapons as Amazon or Clever Cloud.