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Why do communities and organizations end up leaving in c*******?

Nicolas Sabatier


Co-founder @Team for the Planet

I don't plan a "career". My life will be made of chances and encounters where only the waves and the winds will carry me ".
Half provocation, half fantasy, this sentence is the last one I wrote on paper, in response to a professor, at the end of the last course of my student life. However, this is how my life has been built since then...

Throughout my studies, I have sought to have a positive influence through associative commitments ranging from the fight against discrimination to the education of new generations via the scouts and guides movement. In 2010, I crossed France on foot and verified that of all ages, from all backgrounds and in all regions, humans are welcoming and helpful. Today, I am known as a federator and a guide.

At the same time, I discovered the power of entrepreneurship as a mode of action. Instinctively, I am convinced that it is possible to set social or environmental objectives as indicators of success for one's company. I started experimenting with new economic and managerial models by creating 4 companies, until I co-founded Time for the Planet, which became Team for the Planet, to fight against climate change on a global scale by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.