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Ulric Le Grand


Co-founder & CEO @Gens de Confiance

Ulric Le Grand is a French entrepreneur, who has founded and co-founded several startups, including Gens de Confiance, with Nicolas and Enguerrand. He serves as the CEO of Gens de Confiance, a new type of general ads marketplace that connects trusted individuals for buying, selling, and renting goods and services. Indeed, every new member must be recommended and sponsored by at least three current members.

Gens de Confiance has since become a success, with over 1.6 million active members, more than 150,000 listings in various categories, and employs 80 people in Nantes.

Before starting Gens de Confiance, Ulric worked in finance as a consultant and banker. He also founded two other startups: Zenbus, a consumer application that allowed users to track the location of their bus and Proximea, a crowdfunding platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

He is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and building communities of trust.