Speakers 2023: discover the first names

We are pleased to announce the first names of the 2023 line up (in fact, we have many others, but we are sparing with our effect, we have the sense of teasing here).


CEO, head of design, economist, anthropologist, a rich line up with varied and complementary expertise

Fanny Parise


Fanny Parise is an anthropologist with a doctorate in socio-anthropology. She specializes in consumption and the evolution of lifestyles, and is interested in imaginary and beliefs (industrial animism, responsible capitalism, etc.). She teaches Human and Social Sciences at the Strate School of Design in Lyon, she is also an associate researcher at the Leman Institute of Practical Theology at the University of Lausanne, and Director of Research and Innovation in the ethical digital sector (Le petit lab). She founded the collective Magical Thinking and the podcast Madame l'Anthropologue where she deciphers current events.

Book published in 2022: "Les Enfants gâtés. Anthropologie du mythe du capitalisme responsable", published by Payot.

???? Fanny Parise will be speaking on 2 topics. In the first, she will give her analysis of the myth of "responsible" capitalism, the main theme of her early research. She will then take part in a round-table discussion with Cyril de Sousa Cardoso (CEO of Les petits bots) on the evolution of the managerial profession in recent years.

Adrien Dubuisson

Regional Marketing Manager at Figma

A marketing specialist who has worked in consulting firms and communication agencies, Adrien is now in charge of the French design community for Figma. In 2017, he completed his professional training at Gobelins - Ecole de l'image and at ENS Louis-Lumière to study image processing and the art of story-telling.

???? Andrien Dubuisson will talk about Design Ops with Zalihata Ahamada Lafeuille (Design Ops Manager at Glovo) and Hugo Ben Brahim (DesignOps at Canal + - see below).

Charlie Perreau

Head of the Start-up department at Les Echos

Once she finished her journalism studies, Charlie Perreau specialized in tech. After developing the startup section of Alliancy magazine, she joined Le Journal du Net to take care of the fintech section.
Four years later, she joined the "Startup" department of Les Echos, and became its head a few months later.

???? After interviewing nearly 60 female startup founders over the past year, Charlie will be taking stock of her encounters. What is the reality for women entrepreneurs? Have the inequalities observed 10 years ago changed? Which markets do women founders prefer? An overview to set the clock back to 2023.

Hugo Ben Brahim

DesignOps at CANAL+ Group & Community Advocate @Figma

DesignOps at CANAL+ Group, he helps the design teams to better collaborate with some adjustments in the methodologies so that the coherence of the productions is there. He is also involved in the Figma community as an ambassador. Hugo is passionate about Tech, Design, Facilitation, DesignOps and Community.

???? He will be talking about Design Ops with Zalihata Ahamada Lafeuille (Design Ops Manager at Glovo) and Adrien Dubuisson(Regional Marketing Manager at Figma - see above).

Amélie Deloche

Consultant in responsible influence, Founder of Post Influence and Co-founder of Pay Your Influence

Amélie accompanies influence actors in the implementation of ethical, ecological and responsible influence strategies.

She is the founder of Post Influence, an agency whose objective is to support the ecological transition of influence marketers through training and personalized consulting; and co-creator of Pay your influence, a project whose objective is to raise awareness of climate issues in the influence world.

???? Amélie will give the opening talk in Hall 6 West on the theme of the creative economy: deciphering all the activities, professions and business stakes behind content on social networks. Joining Amélie on the panel will be Ange Michael Ahyi (Project Manager at Bpifrance), Benjamin Martinie (Director at Tolt Productions and youtuber), and Justine Bachelot (Creator Economy Lead at YouTube).

Karima Ben Abdelmalek

CEO & President at Happn

Karima Ben Abdelmalek has more than fifteen years of experience in large groups that she has accompanied in their digital transformation, in particular thanks to her expertise in digital and technology law. She has also contributed to their international business development.

She joined happn in 2017: before taking the helm, she held the position of General Secretary and Legal Director. She has worked on all issues related to privacy and security of happn users' data. These are themes that are particularly close to her heart, as she has also been personally involved for more than 16 years in the Association for the Development of Legal Information Technology, of which she is now President.

In 2021, she became the CEO of happn, with the ambition to make the dating experience even more real and authentic. The company is now composed of over 100 employees, to serve this mission and ensure singles a caring and encouraging place to make new connections.

Karima Ben Abdelmalek is also one of the founding members of the Women In Dating movement whose mission is to influence the future generation of leaders in the dating industry by promoting the inclusiveness and representation of women.

???? She'll be on hand to talk about what really works in mobile business models, with Anaïs Vivion (CEO and co-founder of BeApp).

Timothée Parrique

Researcher in ecological economics at Lund University

Timothée Parrique is a researcher in ecological economics at Lund University in Sweden. A specialist in degrowth, he is the author of "Slow down or perish, the economics of degrowth" (2022), a book based on his PhD thesis, "The political economy of degrowth" (2019).

???? Timothée Parrique will share his analysis of the limits of our current model and propose a new project for society with Sandrine Roudaut (Perspectivist and lecturer for another world).

David Beaurepaire

Managing Director at HelloWork

David Beaurepaire is the Director of M&A, Communication and International Development for the HelloWork group where he had the opportunity to launch new activities after having created and sold a company. On the subject of build-up, they had the opportunity to buy 4 companies in the last 4 years.

???? David Beaurepaire will demonstrate the importance of the human factor in a build-up strategy.

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