Wednesday - 2:45pm - 3:30pm


Stéphane Philippart

DevRel @OVHCloud

Tech & Nocode - Conference

CaaS, Serverless, scale to zero. What is it and how to get started with Knative?

Conference in French

For some time now, Kubernetes has been the norm in the enterprise. This new way of designing, deploying and operating information systems has given rise to new needs.

In this talk, we'll look at a typology of these needs, which all revolve around one notion: how can we simplify and optimize the deployment and execution of our containers? Indeed, without any special configuration, whether your applications are in use or not, a Kubernetes cluster will allocate resources to them... and therefore cost you money!

Not every developer wants to become a black belt in YAML or Kubernetes to test their application in development on a ???? cluster.

This is where the notions of Container as a Service, Serverless and other "scale to zero" features come into play. Various means are available to us to cover these use cases. Knative will enable us to cover a large part of these needs. Together, we'll look at how to deploy it on a managed Kubernetes cluster, and how to use it to simplify our lives.

I hope you'll come away from this talk having understood the different solutions to these problems, and having realized that it's possible to do away with proprietary solutions and get the job done ????.