Wednesday - 2:45pm - 3:30pm

CaaS, Serverless, scale to zero. What is it and how to get started with Knative?

Stéphane Philippart


DevRel @OVHCloud

Once a developer, always a developer!

Java developer for many years, I have the joy of knowing the JDK 1.1, JEE, Struts, ... and now Spring, Quarkus, Angular, Groovy, Golang, ...

For more than ten years I was a Software Architect, a job that allowed me to confront many problems inherent to the always complex information systems in large groups.

I also had other lives, especially in automation and delivery with the implementation of CI/CD chains based on Jenkins code pipelines.

Particularly liking the sharing and the relationships with the developers I became DevRel within OVHcloud.

Always sharing, I am the co-creator of the TADx Meetup in Tours, allowing the discovery and sharing around different tech topics.