Wednesday - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Stereolux - Micro


Hugo Ben Brahim

DesignOps @Canal+

Adrien Dubuisson

Regional Marketing Manager @Figma

Zalihata Ahamada Lafeuille

Design Ops Manager @Glovo

Design & Product - Round table

DesignOps: how to facilitate and industrialize Design to serve the human and strategic challenges of organizations

Conference in French

The Design Ops mindset and role has been developing everywhere in organizations in recent years.
- What is this new specialization of Design, which closely combines design skills and the ability to orchestrate in the service of the team?
- How does it fit into the Design and Product teams?
- What value can it bring to companies?
And finally, what are the future perspectives of this profession?

Zalihata and Hugo will share their approaches and feedback on the subject.