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DesignOps: how to facilitate and industrialize Design to serve the human and strategic challenges of organizations

Zalihata Ahamada Lafeuille


Design Ops Manager @Glovo

Zalihata is Design Ops Manager at Glovo for a 60-person design team.
She develops processes and work methods, and creates a framework for sharing and developing skills, as well as greater collaboration between designers.
Her goals are to create more impact, outreach and synergy around design at Glovo.

Zalihata is also self-employed: for several years, she has been offering services around user research and testing, design strategy, service design, and mentoring for successful academic or professional orientation.

For over 20 years, Zalihata has held various positions in "Tech" companies, in services, telecommunications and education.
Zalihata particularly enjoys getting different people to work together and working towards more diversity and social justice in the workplace.