Friday - 09:20 - 10:20 a.m.
Halle 6 - Ouest


Alix de Crécy

Co-founder @Mediavivant

Marie-Laure Gardaz

Marketing & Communication Project Manager @Alternatives Economiques

Grégory Rozières

Web Editor @Kometa

Marine Doux

Co-founder @Médianes

Media - Round Table

Innovation in information: beyond the article

Conference in French

Faced with the evolution of uses, media and the relationship with information, how to engage and retain an audience? Whether online or offline, emerging and established media are innovating in the production and distribution of information, and are offering new approaches to news.

To understand the reasons behind this, three practical cases around the table: the arrival of the magazine Alternatives Économiques on TikTok, the first months of Mediavivant, a media that tells the news on stage, and the launch of Kometa, a new web and paper media that analyzes the upheavals of the world and supports authors from the East.