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Innovation in information: beyond the article

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Engaged media: beyond the audience

Marine Doux


Co-founder @Médianes

Marine is the co-founder of Médianes, a resource center and strategy, marketing and creation studio dedicated to engaged media.

After experiences at franceinfo, Radio France, and POLITICO Europe, Marine joined the Spintank agency and participated in the creation of the Tank media, where she created and animated the support programs for project leaders.

An expert in marketing, community and subscriber strategies, Marine has helped over 60 media outlets develop viable business models.

Co-founder of the association We_Start, dedicated to entrepreneurship, Marine has also produced the political program of Radio Sciences Po. She has also worked at the Techstars startup gas pedal in Paris and at the French Consulate General in New York.

Marine grew up in Normandy and graduated from Sciences Po, she lives in Paris.