Thursday - 10:50am - 11:50am


Bénédicte Tilloy

Founder @10h32

Loubna Tigroussine

Lawyer, HR & Entrepreneur @HR&Law

Louise Pereira

Occupational psychologist

Florence Marty

HR Specialist & CEO @Ancarel

Future of work - Round table

Harassment at work: signs, actions and rebound

Conference in French

Gestures, words, behaviors, repeated or systematic attitudes... We all know of people who have been subjected to harassment at work - but also others who have provoked it.

The combined experiences of Loubna Tigroussine, a lawyer, Louis Pereira, an occupational psychologist, and Bénédicte Tilloy, a former HR director who has testified to having behaved in a toxic manner towards certain employees, will shed light on the signs, rights and ways of bouncing back from a harassment situation.