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Harassment at work: signs, actions and rebound

Bénédicte Tilloy


Founder @10h32

There are those who covet it and those who possess it. Bénédicte Tilloy is obviously in the second category: she seems to wield the gift of ubiquity with insolent ease. Take a look at her many hats: 27 years at the SNCF as a manager, member of the board of directors, HR director, but also employee in a startup (yes, in that order), coach for managers, professor at Sciences Po, lecturer, author, watercolorist... "Badass Béné", as she is known, is the most famous of the French companies. Badass Béné", affectionate nickname given by her colleagues in startup, multiplies experiences - sometimes simultaneously - according to her encounters and her detestation of boredom. If the beginning of her university career may seem academic (ESSEC diploma in 82), the rest is definitely not: she learns the job of HRD in "immersion", where she discovers a few years later the hazards of the job according to the needs of some 50,000 people (!) she is responsible for. In 2017, the woman who abhors the closet effect reserved for "wise old men" ("I am neither one nor the other," she writes) left the SNCF network to rub shoulders with millennials in a startup. Two years later, she decided to devote her time to her executive coaching activity, within her agency 10h32. In her book "La Team" published by Dunod in March 2021, she recounts the most unlikely experiences of her career with rare facetiousness and self-deprecation.