Thursday - 10:05am - 10:45am


Sophie Dancourt

Founder @I have pool with Simone

Bénédicte Tilloy

Founder @10h32

Damien Douani

Creative & Exploration Officer @LAB36

Future of work - Round table

Let's recruit old ladies

Conference in French

By 2050, one in five people in the world, or nearly 2 billion people, will be 60 or older.

In today's utopian theory, if we only took the experience of women over 40, everyone would be lining up to hire them: years of professional life, more stable and committed to their company - and since we have to talk about it, no more children to take care of... But the reality is quite different.

Sophie Dancourt, journalist, editor and entrepreneur, and Bénédicte Tilloy, former HRD and also entrepreneur, will highlight the major discrimination against so-called senior women in the workplace today.