Thursday - 11:30am - 12:00pm
Stereolux - Micro


Alexis Kovalenko

Co-founder @Contournement

Tech & Nocode - Conference

When No-code meets code, the ultimate frontier

Conference in French

Because of my privileged position within the no-code ecosystem, I have the opportunity to exchange with many actors and I have identified a subset that I consider to be the vanguard of the movement.
When we talk about no-code tools, we very quickly come to the question of the limits they face. These are mainly technical limits, but sometimes also limits of use that slow down their adoption.
However, I observe that the limits are constantly being pushed back by this avant-garde. It is linked to 3 parallel phenomena:
- no-code tools evolve very fast and their technical teams seem to take the best advantage of the latest dev advances (continuous integration, devops, scalability thanks to AWS...)
- many experienced devs and people coming from IT are joining the movement
- no-coders are becoming more competent on technical topics like APIs (often thanks to no-code tools) and benefit from the previous points too.
The goal of the talk is to present this thesis by illustrating testimonies collected in my informal exchanges, my podcasts and my lives.