Thursday - 10:45am - 11:25am
Stereolux - Maxi


Leïla Talhaoui

Slasher Executive Coach / Dancer-Choreographer / Speaker @CEO of YooSlash and Kif-Kif Bledi

Society - Conference

"WESH, the trader" - The flaws of the meritocracy

Conference in French

Coming from a working class neighborhood, scholarship holder, accepted on file in high school after a ZEP (priority education zone), scientific preparatory classes, engineering school in computer science and applied mathematics, permanent employment in a large French investment bank, I took the social elevator and it worked!
I even reached the Holy Grail by becoming a trader!

But at what cost in mental load?
How could I have imagined that my social origins and all the associated clichés would stick to me so much during my studies and my career, despite my efforts to fit into an elitist mold.

Does meritocracy really exist or is it a societal fantasy to make us believe in an equal opportunity that is biased in advance and for which we will be forever indebted?

"WESH, la tradeuse" is a danced conference, created by Leïla Talhaoui from her personal experience, which questions the flaws of meritocracy.