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"WESH, the trader" - The flaws of the meritocracy

Leïla Talhaoui


Slasher Executive Coach / Dancer-Choreographer / Speaker @CEO of YooSlash and Kif-Kif Bledi

Leïla Talhaoui
Slasher Executive Coach / Choreographer-Dancer / Speaker /  

Coming from a working-class Parisian background, Leïla Talhaoui has been passionate about dance and mathematics since her childhood.

A graduate engineer from ENSEEIHT, she pursued a 14-year career in market finance as a quantitative engineer, trader and then manager of risk teams. Her last position led her to question her posture of manager leader vs. manager coach.
This is how she obtained a certification in Executive Coaching, Leadership and Change at ESSEC. 

In parallel, she leads a career as a dancer / choreographer / teacher in France and internationally in styles as opposite as hiphop / Waacking dances and traditional dances of North Africa.
She notably created the Kif-Kif Bledi company in 2017 which performs in France and abroad via shows, dance workshops and conferences.

In 2021, in the midst of a health crisis where our work habits are being shaken up, she decides to launch Yoo/Slash.
The objective? To support slasher and multipotential workers, so that their work habits become a norm in our society.

She also questions the subject of transclasses and meritocracy via her danced conference "Wesh, la tradeuse".