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Halle 6 - Ouest

Setting up a restaurant is the new startup ?

Adélie Delajot


Chef de cuisine @Le Cellier

After studying textiles, I went to Australia in 2015 to work as a costume designer at the Sydney Opera House. During this stay I discovered the world of gastronomy. When I came back to France, with my knowledge but also a real interest for cooking from all horizons, I decided to get a diploma in cooking and trained in several Parisian restaurants' kitchens. I ended up working as a chef in a restaurant along the Canal Saint Martin and the adventure ended with the arrival of Covid. The arrival of our child and the health crisis made the project that my husband and I had had for some time mature. So we took to the roads of France to find the city in which we wanted to set up shop. We fell in love with Nantes: an extremely rich soil which is essential for us. A few months later we found the premises, the work began and in parallel we started to do a real sourcing work. Le Cellier will open its doors on September 9, 2021, a somewhat hybrid place: a cellar, caterer and grocery store.